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Hamton Watertec Co., Ltd
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Hamton Watertec Co., Ltd

     We Hamton Watertec Corporation  is one of the leading manufacturer & exporter company from Taiwan. We start our business from import series of the water purifiers filters and some dedicate faucets service for our main clients in the  domestic market in Taiwan. As the service business requests increase our service reputation from our customers through these years., in addition to meet the requests ,we also start to design our dispenser, which has been discontinued in the domestic Taiwan already, but also did not focus on the design regarding the most of the dispenser  manufacturers , either.   In order to expand our product lineup and to meet the demand of the products., we keep our repeated relationships and support of down-to -earth technology with some of the overseas manufacturers. We will be enjoy and be able to provide customers for the requests, it is the foundation of our management philosophy. Our core products were, water fittings, purifiers filters, dispensers as our professional solution for the service. Additionally, we are desire to continue to sophisticated solutions and In esponse to our growing services., We have been approved be one of the formal distributors such as Honeywell, 3M, and  Everpure., Per formal approval we get, and corporate management in a manner that combines these products to our customers as well as the our professional solutions. our series products also has developed as our own brand and innovate plan, also. At the present, numbers of our dispenser models regarding to the sales performance have already stacked the track record for about more than 100,000sets  major on the construction business and the residential business in our domestic Taiwanese market. As we are professional in the pure water  filters, and water fittings appliance.,  as to be well know as the social positioning and foundation which reached the tracking record  through the dedicated faucets and commercial water purifier filters, also dispensers. etc. In the coming future by promoting the deployment aggressive around the areas that make our own contribution, further strengthen the ability to respond to customer requests as the TOP  professor for the "RO reverse osmosis pure water industry.
     We will continue to contribute to the development of society with our professional services and continue to provide a new value as any  required.

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